Where To Find Finials

In modern times, finials have mainly been added to roofs. These copper points are typically added to the roof’s top to highlight its height click this. Finials are often added to roofs for this purpose. But they can also add value to other objects. Finials are used on many items, including flagpoles, homes, and Hindu temples throughout Indonesia. A finial is essentially any point that emphasizes an object’s height. These fixtures come in many different shapes and materials. Copper is the most commonly used metal but stone and other metals are also common.

The present finials are typically found on homes that have a pyramid-shaped or peaked roof. This was not always the case. Finials have been used on architecture to seal cracks and seams and prevent leaks. A finial is used to seal seams between different parts of a roof. However, they can also be ornamental. The finial was added to each corner of flat-roofed homes. These are often row houses. These also were added to increase the home’s elevation.

While finials tend to be associated with buildings architecture, they are also found on many objects. One example is an ancient Hindu temple located in Java, Indonesia. It uses multiple finials to accent its height. Apart from their architectural function, finials also represent fingers pointing up, as if the building were being lifted. Finials can also appear on smaller objects. A lot of flagpoles feature an eagle-shaped Finial on the top. Many gates and fences also have iron finials at various points.

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