What is inside the Flagpole Ball

It’s a timeless query: What’s inside flagpole balls? The correct answer is “NONE.” Flagpole balls are used for decoration. A flagpoleball is composed of two curved pieces of aluminum that are welded together. The rod will be used as a insert in the flagpole truck. The ball has been called truck, but it is actually called finial. The truck houses the pulley system. The ball is attached to trucks by threaded holes that are fitted to most trucks. This keeps water out of hollow flagpoles, check this.

Urban legends suggest that the ball may contain symbolic objects to deter invading enemies. Stories are not the same as the items.

A gun, a razorblade, and match are some of the most common items that can be found in the ball. If the military unit is attacked, the last soldier would take down the flag and trim it with the razor. The bullet would be used by the suicide bomber to wipe out his secrets. The gun of the bullet is often buried near the flagpole.

There are many ways to tell this story. Another variation is that you can use the razor to separate the flag and its halyard. However, it is not intended for use on the flag. Another variant is the use of a bullet to defend the flag and not for suicide.

Some items can be hidden with additional items. Depending on the version of your item, the additional item may be either a rice grain or a cereal grain. The rice will provide fuel for the soldier during his defense of the flag. The soldier who wins will use the wheat to replenish his food supply. To aid in the repair and maintenance of the flag’s colors, a thread and needle would be added in the case of victory. One pencil can be used for writing.

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