The Pages Every Church Website Might Have

Websites are made up of many pages that provide information about the site’s goals. There are three important pages for churches on church websites. No matter how much you do, these pages will be essential. Even if you have a simple website, your visitors will expect at least six pages. These pages help empower individuals with the information they need to decide whether or no to attend your church – recommended site.


It is important that as much effort has been put into planning an event, as possible, people attend it. How will people find out about your event if it isn’t advertised? It must be done within the normal business hours. Even members of your church will forget the date and time. People will be able to easily remember all of your church events by having a dedicated Events page.


You can provide more information about the church by including sermons on your website. This page is crucial for churches, even though most don’t have it. People’s preferences for churches are often influenced by how they deliver sermons. It is an individual decision. Some people prefer to test-drive sermons at their home, rather than in a public setting.


Giving is essential and keeps churches going. Tithing is essential for a church to be able to minister effectively to its members and their community. One of the top six most visited church websites is a giving page. The best part about this page is that it explains what your church does, how it can help the community, as well as how they can benefit site visitors. Without ever asking for donations, you have established a rapport with them.

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