The Expert Advisor can be installed on the Mt4 Forex Trading Platform

MT4 provides a separate installation platform to individual Forex traders. Download the Forex Broker’s trading program, install it on your PC and you are ready to trade. Start trading by configuring the broker server, logging into your trading account and setting up and configuring it. Programming capabilities are one of the most important features in this trading platform, aside from being able to chart, store historic price data and trade. Discover more?

Expert Advisor

MQL4 (Metaquotes Language 4) is an MQL4-like programming language. This includes a function structure for the program, variables declarations, operands and conditional checks. It also has features such as calling technical indicators, using time-date functions, performing math operations, and more. Each file ends with MQL and can be edited using the editor included with the trading platform. Expert advisors are often called these and they are run using MT4 accounts.

Create EA

It is important to compile the code correctly before you begin. You can either purchase third-party codes to use on your trading accounts. Once you have logged into your Forex trading account, choose the time frame that best suits your requirements and then open the currency charts of your choosing.

What is the best way to load EA?

First, you must copy the MQL files (Expert advisor) into the “experts” folder of your MT4 software. Once MT4 is launched, the expert advisor will be automatically compiled and appear under your navigator windows in the “expert adviser” directory. Choose the desired expert advisor, and click on your currency chart. You can drag and click. In the top-right corner, you will find the name of an expert advisor. You will see a smiley face at the top right. If you do not see the cross, you haven’t enabled EA trading.

Enable Expert Advisor

MT4 offers the option to enable or disable the Expert Advisor Trading in the upper middle panel. You can disable it or enable by clicking. The “options menu” may require you to change some settings at the “tools” tab. You can also go to tab “Expert advisor” to make changes. Select the tick boxes from a list. If you want to enable Expect Advisor, then tick the boxes “Allow DLLs”, “Allow Live Trades”, “Allow External Experts Imports” or “Enable Expect Advisory”. You can leave all the other boxes blank, including “Disable expert when account changes”, “Disable expert when profile changes”, “Ask for manual confirmation”, and “Confirm function calls” If you have the above setup, you will see a happy face on the right-hand corner of your chart. As many EA as you wish can be loaded. You should limit yourself to 8.

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