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Properly Install Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can only be installed correctly if they are of high quality. Each aspect of the installation, from the lengths of nails to moisture levels, should be considered. Many professionals can help you with this tedious job. Although many professionals are available for hire, you will still need to learn the basics to ensure that your dream floors are correctly installed. Visit our website and learn more about professional hardwood floor installer.

The current treatment and coating of hardwood floors is chemical. However, it is important to let the floor dry in the garage or storage space for a few days before installing. This will allow the wood time to adjust to the humidity and ensure that all boards are equal thickness.

Tools and Materials

These are the most essential tools you have. Check that the cleat nails for your nail guns are correctly marked. Dallas Hardwood floor installation requires that the nails are not too tight in order to prevent squeaking, allow natural expansion, and it should also be loose enough to hold the floor in its place. For proper fitting of the boards, you will need a mallet.


Sub layers are crucial to prevent floors from feeling spongy and squeaky. It can also hold staples and nails. Sub-layers are commonly made from asphalt felt or plywood. Some projects use the old wooden floors as the sub-layer. However, it is important to ensure that the floor does not make squeaking or sustain major damage.


The best look is achieved by measuring accurately.


This is a repeatable task. After each board has been laid, nail it at a 45-degree angle. Next, mallet the board into place. To prevent cracks and dents on the boards, avoid making errors while nailing.