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How To Send The World A Message With A Flag

Why is it that flagpoles are often erected with pennants at the drop of an ear to commemorate success or homecoming of someone dearly loved? This is a visual way to express appreciation for the person or persons returning home. This also shows that you feel connected to a cause. Flag stores get flooded with requests for flags that are family-oriented or similar. Many offer custom flag services.

Everybody will be familiarized with the identifying pennants flying from ships, etc. They may not be aware that every pennant that flies in the naval service has its own meaning. This string of beautiful colored pennants is flown to decorate a ship’s entry port. They might spell out the port of origin, or send a message to the country where they are visiting.

Other times, these pennants (or bunting as it is more commonly known) may be commemorating an anniversary of the monarch of a particular country. The Royal Nave of England will always honor Nelson’s birthday. Nelson is one of the most respected and beloved seafarers of all time. These pennants are used to identify where cargo ships are registered. It’s not always the country the ship is from. This is called a ‘convenience pennant’ and it is done to make the most of the tax laws in that country. Any ships that look like they are from Panama, a popular ‘convenience’ nation, are normally from another country.