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Cat Urine Carpet Cleaning

A cat is a fun pet. The cat will mark the place with urine even though it is not afraid to do so on home furnishings like carpets. The urine odor is a persistent one that will only get worse if it’s not cleaned immediately. The carpet smells of cat urine, so we must find an effective way to remove it. Intrigued? Find out more.

1. You should immediately find the source. You should be able find the urine smell on your carpet immediately, as carpets absorb water very quickly. It is also possible that cats will urinate repeatedly in one place, leaving a smell that can be hard to eliminate.

3. You can use paper towels, rags or cloths. The carpet should be absorbed as much as possible. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a dry setting on cold if it has a wet filter. You should not rub your carpet as it may cause the cat to urinate more frequently. Don’t use steam cleaning machines, because heat will make cat urine harder to remove.

3. Cleaning with an enzymatic cleanser is recommended. These cleaners use enzymes and are available at pet shops. In the event that you are unable to find one in your local pet store, combine vinegar (white cider or apple juice) with water 1:1. The vinegar will eliminate the smell of your cat’s urination because it is acidic.

The cleaning solution should be allowed to rest on your carpets for 3 to 5 minutes. If you are unsure, carefully read the product’s label. The reason this step is so important, because cats will urinate at the same location. Hopefully, by thoroughly cleaning the spot, he won’t remember to mark it.

4. With a wet towel, use cold water to wipe down the surface. Remember to use cold water and a towel dampened with it. Enzymatic cleaner can be removed from carpets using a wet towel (remember, cold water! Spread baking soda over the carpet, and leave it for an hour. Vacuum it away. It can neutralize the cat urine smell.

5. Then, freshen up the space. Use a deodorizer on clothes or in the house after it is completely dry to add freshness.

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