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Natural Fragmented Mouldavites

These are moldavites that were likely to have been broken in sediment. All its parts were then recovered. This authentic moldavite for sale is typically broken down into two or more parts. Most often, the desintegration occurs during diageneses. This is the process of “maturation”, or “settling” of sediment. Moldavite is broken by the pressure from its upper layers. These moldavites’ refractive surfaces become corroded over time, and sculptions are formed. These moldavite pieces can be found only a few meters apart. It is possible to combine pieces that were several meters apart, in exceptional cases.

A moldavite can also be disintegrated by tension, after it has been removed from the sediment. Moldavite can be broken into small pieces. These are the refractive surfaces that are shiny.

Moldavites experienced a significant change in their appearance on the Earth’s surface. This was due to a variety of factors, including chemical and mechanical effects. Cracking and breaking of moldavites was a significant event that led to the formation of fragmental shapes. This happened in the drop and during geological transport, but also spontaneously due to internal stress (in sediments).