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The Healing of Childhood Trauma

This article is intended to help the child who has been traumatized. Carl Jung said that there is a child in every adult. It is an eternal child. The child is something that is constantly becoming and requires unceasing attention, education, and care. It is the part of our personality that longs to be whole and develop. A difficult and courageous journey back towards the eternal child…returning the inborn longing for wholeness is required to positive healing recovery quotes.

Trauma is a life-threatening injury and wound. Trauma stops normal development. It is a constant intrusion of terror into the survivor’s life and a feeling of helplessness. A history of child abuse can cause personality fragmentation. In these circumstances, identity formation is blocked and the ability to connect with others is disrupted.

Judith Herman M.D. writes in her book Trauma & Recovery, “Repeated trauma in adulthood erodes the personality structure already formed, but repeated traumas in childhood form and deform the personality.” In order to keep a child safe, secure, protected, and able to find meaning in the midst of such horrific circumstances, it is necessary for them to be able maintain their senses of hope, trust, safety and security. Primitive psychological defenses are necessary for traumatized children to survive. In order to survive, the child must retain the psyche of the abusers as competent and caring, since they are unconditionally dependent on him. At all cost, the primary attachment must be maintained. Therefore, the child may try to deny, hide, excuse or minimize abuse. It is possible to experience complete amnesia, also known as dissociative state. Sometimes, dissociation can lead to the appearance of other personalities.