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Wi-Fi In Church Could Lead To A Mass Exodus By The Congregation

Okay, so I go to church every other Easter Day, except when it rains or is raining somewhere else in the US. The only problem is that the previous leap-year Easter was the day when the weather was not ideal. It was hot and dry and I almost froze to death. So there I was in the back row as I didn’t recognize any of the self-righteous people. I was hoping for an App that would allow me to just relax on the beach and view it on my phone. I am certain someone reading this article in an App Lab somewhere will find this a great idea church apps.

Well, I was glad to get my holy blessed water, even though it had been delivered by the bottled company two days prior. God bless those Nabisco wafers, I say. That’s quite a feat, 2500 wafers. It should boost local sales for the Nabisco Cracker Company. It’s interesting that sitting in the back row is a good idea. The younger generation is not listening, which is a shame, as it’s the worst waste of time I’ve ever seen. It’s great to listen to the music of the pipe organ and look at the architecture. However, those costumes make it seem like something you would see in a Hollywood low-budget movie. Bring on the Vampires, let’s make this show a reality.

Yes, my iPad was actually picking up the Church Wi Fi. You can see that they have a school at the back. The Wi-Fi was slow but half of the people in the last five rows were busy surfing online, updating Facebook, sending photos and perhaps watching a Netflix movie. This got me thinking about how distracted today’s youth are. How having open Wi-Fi in the church will cause a serious distraction to whatever they happen to be saying Easter.