Religious Healing Or Spiritual Malpractice?

Christians suffering from chronic diseases should know that there is another source of healing than secular drugs. That resource does not follow the world’s pattern. The source is spiritual, and it comes from God. But there’s one problem. Millions upon millions are being stripped of the non secular healing power of Christianity by non secular malpractice. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on feminine energy

Many Christian traditions (doctrines), state that miraculous healing, non-secular therapy, or whatever name they are called, is over. These traditions believe that there is enough time to anoint with oil, lay on of fingers and divine therapeutic. This kind of teaching is likely to cause confusion, sickness, suffering, and even death.

Individuals who say that God does nothing in this world for spiritual therapeutic purposes must be honest. Which one is right? Satan or God? If God is to be trusted, then His will prevails. But what if the educating isn’t actually from God. What if Satan whispers to the ears of man that God is done with non secular healing? What will happen? What is the effect of believing and training in this doctrine?

This kind of doctrine and Church leaders that proclaim it will be dependable for denying millions of chronically ill Christians the gift non secular healing. The spiritual oversight of their flocks is shared by elders as well pastors and clergy. It is important to understand the implications of the doctrines they are teaching.

Religious Malpractice:

Author of Christian Therapeutic, Canon Mark Pearson stated, “To maintain God’s ministry of healing from God’s persons simply because they don’t desire Church leaders is as much spiritual malpractice as it can be for a clinic that refuses to treat heart attacks since the most beloved staff members are only qualified to handle pneumonia.”

Spiritual malpractice is a very serious offense. Those who instruct will be considered more strict (James 3:1). It is important to remember the stories of people who died because they believed God could not heal.

Today, the Church is only a shadow or a reflection of the godly influence it can have when savored. This is due in part to the unclean spirit which whispered into the ear that God was away from the healing enterprise. It can also be a lie in the father of all lies.

Confusion can be caused by:

Many Church leaders are now insisting that healing must happen immediately. God’s Word is not limiting religious therapeutic to the instantaneous. The term miracle does not refer to supernatural intervention or divine intervention. All healing has a divine and miraculous nature (Exodus fifteen.26).

The belief that spiritual healing should happen instantly as a miracle has caused many Christians to abandon their faith in God. They cause: It is rare that a person is quickly healed of a long-term condition. Thus, any therapeutic measures beyond God’s direct intervention should be taken. Is it possible that we can begin to see this fallacy?

If God is not present, how could any type of healing be possible? God’s Holy Phrase reveals God is Yehovahrapha. God is our healer. However, for just a moment imagine God turning His back upon healing the sick.

When you are unwell, it is called illness. The doctors tell you that there’s nothing more they can do. It’s unlikely that you’ll survive. What a dark picture! Not because the health care professionals tell you they cannot help, but simply because God is out there.

Buddy, this could be the result of many occasions each day in churches across America: Churches can turn the ill within Christ out on the world. God hasn’t abandoned His tiny children as their healer. Churches have abandoned God our healer!

Peter replied, “Once the regulations were made, the instructors preferred to find out what energy was used or identify the Apostle.”

“It is by Jesus Christ the Nazareth, whom God raised from death, that this guy stands right before your healing… Salvation is found not in any other soul for there is no other name given to men by heaven by which you can be saved.” – Functions four.10-12 (NIV).

Peter saw no difference between Peter’s therapeutic and spiritual needs, since they are both found in the suffering, burial, rebirth, and resurrection Jesus Christ (the Gospel). Although Peter did not believe them, the men understood his assertion. Why are we unable? Peter explained that this healed man did not heal because he (Peter), an Apostle, was among an adult male find team, but because of his healing power in the Gospel.

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