Picking The Right Fence

The best fence for you depends on your requirements. Are you looking for privacy, security or decoration? Do you need a fence to keep your pets or children safe or just a boundary line?

Of course, you may need to combine all of these options. With that in mind, we can assess which common fences may work best for you.

If privacy is important to you, you want something tall and without gaps. It should also be durable, cost-effective, and will not leave any open spaces. You will often find that timber fencing covers all your needs. You will first consider a standard fence panel fencing based on its lowest price, ease-of-use and height options. You can get fence panel fences in a standard height of 3ft-6ft. And because they are standard in width, they are easy to maintain and install.

If security is your goal, you should choose a fence that has height, structural strength, but not a strong fascia. A rigid mesh fence system mounted to steel posts with heights ranging from 6ft through 8ft is the best option. You also have the option of a steel palisade or steel palisade fence, which can be purchased upto 3m.

Steel fences have a drawback. They can look like a prison when used indoors. If you want better security for your home, then you need the highest, most tallest timber fence that you can find. It will conceal your property, prevent any intruders from climbing it, and give you a solid boundary. A close board fence will cost you more than a fencepanel fence, but it is mounted on stronger section posts and comes in more height options.

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