Moldavites are running low

Moldavite is still very popular due to its beauty, properties, and mysterious origin. They are available in both a rough-and-polished state, and jewelry made of them is also possible. The stones are scarce and will be hard to find new ones. The supply of moldavites is not growing at a good rate, which unfortunately is also reflected in their price – more help.

The best place to look for moldavites is at the surface, on plowed fields in autumn and spring. Under the surface, moldavites can be found in clay and sandy sediments. This is the difference between surface- and dug moldavites. These are extracted by heavy machinery by larger companies and single hunter who do not use machines. Two legal moldavite extraction programs exist in the Czech Republic. However, single hunters tend to work illegally.

Famous moldavites are ‘hedgehogs’ from the Besednice Deposit. They have a well-constructed surface. This is called a deep-sculpture. Their thorns are up to one inch long. The first extraction of the thorns was permitted in Besednice (Besednice Hedgehog reserve). Within a few more years, all the green stones were removed.

The site Dobrkovska Lhotka, Zatacka, was the place where leftover sand/clay was extracted in 2016. It used to be rich, and moldavites were once extracted from it for a few decades. The deposit has since been abandoned and replaced by a lake compound.

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