Moldavite: The Cosmic Stone of the Sky

Moldavite is an interesting substance that has a long and interesting past – click this link. This stone looks similar to green glass and has attracted the attention of those who are interested in crystals as well as those who believe in paranormal phenomena. It is believed that the meteorite from outerspace crashed into this precious stone around 15 million years ago in Bohemian, Czech Republic. This area now forms part of Czech Republic.

But what makes moldavite unique? Moldavite is unique because of its unique composition and construction. It has several magical properties that are responsible for its status both as a powerful talisman, and spiritual instrument. According to some, moldavite may improve psychic skills and spiritual development. It can also make it easier for one to communicate with God. Moldavite is said to give you good fortune and abundance of resources. It also purges and restores equilibrium to your chakras.

Moldavite is a rare mineral which, despite its strange and potent properties, is not widely known. Moldavite is scarce and a rare mineral. This is due in part to its limited availability.

You should expect to have an unforgettable experience if you’re able to find moldavite. Moldavite’s green, glassy appearance can be easy to mistake for something else. However, this stone is extremely powerful in its ability to emit energy and vibrations. Some people claim they feel a tingling sensation or buzzing when they hold moldavite. Others claim they feel the stone’s heat.

Moldavite, a fascinating and exciting crystal that can be added to your collection, is the ideal choice. This cosmic star from the sky will add a touch to your life. It will also enhance your spiritual journey.

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