How to Wear Perfume Correctly

You’ve probably been in an elevator, or a cubicle at work, where someone smells like they just bathed. You can get a nasty headache from the overwhelming smell. You may have also experienced situations in which you passed someone and got a nice whiff of the perfume. When worn properly, perfume can delight the senses, but it can also be overwhelming if not used correctly.

You can enjoy perfume and the people around you by following these tips, read here!

Select a scent that you enjoy and receive the most praise for.

Select a fragrance that complements the time or season. Choose a perfume that is lighter in the spring or summer, and a stronger fragrance for winter. For the daytime, light florals or citrusy scents are ideal as they’re subtle and fresh. A stronger spice or musky fragrance is best for nighttime.

Try out the perfume you are considering before purchasing it. It may smell good when you spray it on the test card, but not so much when you spray it on your skin. You should always test the fragrance on your body and skin to see how it will react.

Do not overspray. You can spray perfume on the wrists, elbow crooks or nape of the neck. The pulse points on your body are the best places to apply perfume.

You can also spray perfume in the air, then walk over it to get a subtle scent. You can use this technique during the day to have a light fragrance.

You can also wear fragrance by misting a small amount of perfume on your hair.

Hold the bottle away from you as you spray. Instead of a concentrated scent, you should spray a mist. By holding the bottle at a distance of a few inches, you can help distribute perfume over a wider area.

Spray the perfume directly on your skin before you dress. The scent won’t be as strong and last longer. The perfume will not damage your clothing if you use this technique.

Do not reapply perfume all day long. This can increase the strength of the scent and make it overwhelming.

The right fragrance and the way you wear it can have a big impact on you and the people around you. If you are looking for cheap perfumes, shop around to find the lowest prices. It is not generic perfumes that are cheap, but rather designer perfumes or signature scents at a discount price. Look online to find great bargains on perfumes.

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