High-pressure sales tactics should not be used for piano buyers. You can buy a keyboard without having to!

Shopping for a piano can be stressful. It doesn’t mean you have to hurry if your knowledge of pianos is limited. The advice they receive while shopping for pianos is often inconsistent with the needs and concerns of first-time buyers or average buyers. What advice should you seek to avoid feeling pressured into purchasing something that isn’t right for you? Let’s get more info of a typical piano buyer to help answer that question. I’ll call them Jim Forte or Mary Forte.

Typical Piano Shopping Concerns

The Forte family would like their children to learn piano. However, like all parents, they worry about what their children will learn. But they are aware that they cannot afford a cheap keyboard or a simple piano if they want their kids to succeed.

I was able to make many contacts in the Phoenix piano market with parents who were willing and able buy a quality musical instrument. This was a wise decision. It doesn’t matter what your parents think, most piano dealers won’t listen to you.

As a piano seller, I had the responsibility of convincing people to buy “right now” even if they were not mentally ready. Although I was often tempted believe there could have been better ways to help these people, in those days you had to either sell or starve. This outdated marketing strategy has led thousands to orphan pianos. Many are unclaimed and never used.

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