Eight Ways To Increase Nursing Loyalty And Retention

The current nursing shoes means that nurses have more options for where they want to work and how long to stay. There is no longer a time when a nurse could start a new career, then end it four decades later. In order to meet the growing demand for nurses over the next years, it is important to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and appreciates them. Hospitals and nurse management must come up with innovative ways to keep their staff loyal and motivated. Every healthcare worker is responsible for creating a work environment that encourages co-workers to stay.

These are some ways to motivate your colleagues and increase loyalty. Listening to colleagues is a great way to increase loyalty. Listening to others is more effective than believing that their thoughts, ideas, and feelings are irrelevant. Listening helps build self-esteem and self-confidence, which can help a person believe that they can do certain tasks.

People don’t want to hear, “Oh, how do you know?” When they present an idea. This is your first time here. You don’t have the same experience I had. You haven’t walked in the shoes of my feet. I’m the one who is in charge of this place. Although these statements may sound true, they can create barriers and not bridges. These words can have a lasting, detrimental effect on even the most skilled professional. It can make them want to run for their lives. Recognize ideas. Acknowledge ideas. While every suggestion and idea can not be implemented, acknowledging someone’s input can make them feel more part of the team. In addition to acknowledging the idea, acknowledge their thought process, unique perspective and skill in formulating it. All these things will create a sense belonging.

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