Common Cleaning Carpet Errors

While it might seem easy, mistakes could cause serious damage to carpets. These mistakes can lead to expensive repairs and the need for a replacement rug. These common mistakes can be avoided with some clever carpet cleaning tips. Your carpet will look like new within no time, get more info.

The first mistake is choosing the wrong cleaning products. You should not use the same cleaning agent for all carpets. It could cause color fade, shrinkage, or even damage. You should always read the carpet’s care label before you clean it. Make sure you use a product that is made for your particular carpet.

The second error is to oversaturate the carpet. Carpet cleaning is not a simple task. Over-saturating carpets with water or cleaning solution can lead to mold and mildew growth, shrinkage, or discoloration. Blot the stain immediately, do not rub it and use only a moderate amount cleaning solution.

Excessive heat is the third. Extreme heat or hot water can cause carpet fibers to become damaged. Always use warm water and refrain from using heat-based methods such as ironing or steam cleaning.

Neglecting to protect your carpets is the fourth. Always cover your carpet in fabric protection after cleaning. This will make it easier to clean your carpet again and prevent new stains from coming back.

Neglecting to do routine cleaning is the fifth. Regular vacuuming and deep-cleaning can help keep your carpet clean and looking great. You should not neglect routine cleaning.

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