Astrology as a Medical Treatment – Remedies That Work, Transform You Life

Vedic Astrology – a science deeply rooted in India that has been applied to all aspects of life since centuries – is a good example. Medical science is a good example find out more.

Medical astrology helps one to understand not only their current medical condition, but also future medical concerns.

Medical astrology aids people who cannot recover from their most severe medical treatments.

We can use medical astrology to predict when a person is most likely to be injured.

Yogas, when viewed in the context of Indian Astrology can have a significant impact on an individual’s health. Some yogas may be deemed auspicious and others not. A person’s health can be at risk due to inefficient yogas or transits of planets. Healthy living is crucial to avoiding health problems.

The nine planets can also be linked to your overall health.

Insufficient Sun strength can cause headaches and other problems. Moon influences your mood, causing you to be irritable or calm. Mars is often associated with accidents and surgery. Mercury, the planet that is most responsible for influencing an individual’s intellect, also has a major role. You might experience issues with your skin, voice and neck.

Saturn is believed to be most closely linked to dental problems and long term ailments.

Every house is associated with specific organs as well as diseases.

The first home represents good health and longevity. Second house represents the throat and right eye. However, it also signifies overall health. The third home is linked to the arms, ears, and shoulders.

Medical Astrology: Remedies

Medical Astrology remedies are often aimed at pleasing a God or Goddess. They can also be used to enhance the effects of specific planets. A remedy can also be used to counteract the negative effects caused by a transit or yoga.

Mantras are also an alternative to medical astrology. The aura can be healed by using a gemstone. Fill it with the color of your choice. This would heal any illness a person is facing.

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