Piercing Questions

  • How much does it cost

    Our piercing prices are as follows;

         - Standard Piercing $45.00 + tax

         - Industrial, Nipple, Genital $55.00 + tax

         - Surface Anchors (micro dermals) $65.00 + tax

         - Surface Piercings $75.00 + tax

         * Cost of jewelry is additional to piercing price.

  • Can I bring my own jewelry

     We do our very best to provide you with the highest quality jewelry from the worlds top jewelry manufacturers. All our jewelry is internally threaded or thread-less and is hand polished to a mirror finish, it is made from implant grade materials and carries a lifetime guarantee.  At this point in time we are the only place in Kelowna where this jewelry can be purchased and we do not compromise the quality of our work by using materials that do not meet these standards.

  • Does it hurt

    Most clients describe a new piercing as a pinch or some pressure.  There is certainly a small amount of discomfort but it's very minimal and very fast.  Mike does everything in his power to make your piercing experience as calming and comfortable as possible.

  • Do I need an appointment

    We are usually able to provide walk-in piercings, however sometimes it gets pretty busy so if you are on a schedule we recommend calling ahead to book an appointment.  Scheduled appointments always take priority while walk-ins are on a first come first served basis.

  • How old do I have to be to get pierced

    This answer varies depending on the type of piercing as well as the individual receiving the piercing.  We will pierce minors with parental accompaniment and consent.  We will pierce earlobes of young children provided they can physically ask for the piercing themselves and understand what it is they are asking for.

  • Can I get pierced without ID

    NO. We cannot provide any piercing services without valid photo ID this includes piercing, jewelry changes or insertions. If you forget your ID we will insist that you go and grab it before we proceed.  IF you do not have valid photo ID then a student ID accompanied by a care-card or birth certificate with your name and Date Of Birth on it.

  • Can I bring my friends

    Sure!  Although we only allow one friend in the piercing room with you, by all means though bring in your friends they can watch from the door, get matching piercings make an afternoon out of it!

  • Is there anyone that you won't pierce

    We don't pierce pregnant/breast feeding women.  Please note that we will not pierce anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Are photos and videos allowed

    Some photos are allowed, however we ask that you do not take any video of the procedure.

  • How do I stretch my ears

    Come in and talk to Mike and he can discuss the safest options and jewelry for your stretching journey.

  • Can I breast feed after I get nipple piercings

    Yes once you are fully healed nipple piercings will not effect the flow of milk while feeding.  We do strongly suggest removing your jewelry before feeding though to prevent any accidental jewelry swallowing.

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